5th video event: Presentation of a biography titled Lambert Ehrlich, Prophet of The Slovenian Nation

On 20 April 2022, the biography by dr. Janez Juhant, titled Lambert Ehrlich, Prophet of the Slovenian Nation, was presented at the Study Centre for National Reconciliation.

In ten sections, the monograph explores Ehrlich’s complex and extremely rich personality and presents him as one of the most educated, insightful and industrious Slovenian priests. Dr. Lambert Ehrlich, professor, was a great Slovenian patriot, visionary, politician and scientist. He was born in 1878 in the village of Žabnice under the mountain Svete Višarje. He studied in Rome and Innsbruck and then went on to pursue postdoctoral studies in Paris and Oxford. He worked as a teacher in Carinthia until he was appointed full professor at the Ljubljana Faculty of Theology in 1922.

Having experienced all three totalitarianisms, he advocated for the liberation and unification of all Slovenians in an independent Slovenia. He regarded a sovereign state as the only guarantee of a safe future for our nation, for which he foresaw a prominent international role. Because of his outstanding intellectual, Christian, Slovenian and European stature, and because of the effective educational work that he did with youth, Ehrlich represented a serious threat to the single-mindedness that the Communists had begun to introduce with the Revolution. As a result, he was shot dead in the centre of Ljubljana on 26 May 1942. His martyrdom and his prophetic thought and action make Ehrlich relevant for the present day.

His rich life was presented by the author of the monograph, dr. Janez Juhant, professor. The meeting was hosted by dr. Tomaž Ivešić and the opening reflection by dr. Tamara Griesser Pečar was read by Marta Keršič.

You are invited to watch the event following the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAGfEWWSe40

Dr. Tomaž Ivešić, director of SCNR and prof. dr. Janez Juhant. 

Marta Keršič, SCNR.

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