5th Video Event: The 100th anniversary of the burning of The Trieste National Hall

A conversation on the 100th anniversary of the burning of The Trieste National Hall is held by dr. Renato Podbersič, co-worker of SCNR with publicist Ivo Jevnikar. The Trieste National Hall or Slovene Cultural Centre, also known as the Hotel Balkan, in Trieste was a multimodal building that served as a centre for the Slovene minority in the city. It included the Slovene theatre in Trieste, a hotel and numerous cultural associations. It is notable for having been burned in 1920 by Italian Fascists, which made it a symbol of the Italian repression of the Slovene minority in Italy.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PhtZ-Vb17Q

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