9th video event: The testemony of Anica Rahne

Anica Rahne (born Kožuh) was born in 1933 in Šujica (Dobrova near Ljubljana). There were nine children in the family. During the Italian occupation, the father and the oldest brother were sent to internment on the island of Rab and to other Italian camps. Two brothers disappeared in the post-war massacres and the father was imprisoned in Kočevje for four months after the War. Around that time, Anica learned to be a seamstress and got a job at the salon of Mrs. Škabar, a renowned fashion seamstress. The wives of Slovenian political figures, including Nada Vidmar and Pepca Kardelj, visited the salon. Anica recalls many shocking events from her parish that occurred during and after the War. Her optimism and deep faith helped her to survive life’s severe trials, from which she emerged richer and stronger.

Listen to Anica´s memories using the following link: https://zakladnicaspominov-scnr.si/anica-rahne/?lang=en 

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