Dear Readers.

In 2017, the collective of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation began to issue Dilemmas, a new scientific journal aimed at discussing issues of contemporary Slovenian history. It is already from the name of the journal that the readers can gather the journal’s aim to address issues which have not yet found an unambiguous answer or received appropriate attention in the professional or lay public. Dilemmas therefore enters a space where certain issues have been concealed or even banned.

From its very beginnings, the journal has been trying to take a niche which should have been filled long ago. At the same time, we emphasize that the truth is the basic guiding principle of each of the journal’s internal and external collaborators, and that Dilemmas is considered to be an important co-creator of the scientific research landscape in Slovenia.

In addition to the scientific monographs and other publications issued by the Study Centre for National Reconciliation, a part of our growing scientific opus is published in the collections Totalitarianism: Questions and Challenges and Revolutionary Violence. In over ten years of operation of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation, we have in no way wanted to remain self-sufficient, but strived to present our work to the Slovenian public in the most comprehensive way possible. This, too, was one of the reasons behind the decision to begin publishing Dilemmas. This journal represents an added value in a wider scientific research area. External collaborators, both domestic and foreign, are always invited to participate in the publication of scientific contributions. The selection of authors of the contributions is wide: from established names to writers who are only just entering before the face of Clio, the muse of history. At the same time, the journal presents, in appropriate form, testimonies, archival sources, publication reviews and expert literature as well as a respectful memory of some of the deceased individuals who were victims of past totalitarianisms. The journal’s editor-in-chief is the historian Dr Renato Podbersič.

So far, seven issues of the journal have been published:

Dear readers, the creators and publishers of the Dilemmas journal invite you to take a walk along the fresh path opened and offered by this periodical publication. We believe it to be creative, credible and truthful and that it will thus satisfy your expectations, intellectual curiosity and commitment to the truth.