Director of SCNR visited the Institute of National Remembrance

On 22 and 23 May 2019 dr. Andreja Valič Zver, Platform board member and director of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation (SCNR) visited the Institute of National Remembrance together with other representatives of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience – Peter Rendek, Managing Director of the Platform, and Elise Pia, student at the University of Grenoble. At the press conference where the Polish edition of the book Lest We Forget, Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe was presented, Andreja Valič Zver called the IPN a pillar of the Platform’s international structure. She emphasized the importance of projects regarding the communist regime, aimed at sensitizing the West of Europe to the difficult conditions and painful past of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She said that the key to better understanding between Eastern and Western societies is education, also by presenting personal stories of victims, collected in the abovementioned handbook addressed to young people.

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