Dr Julij Savelli, 1945: Dnevnik mojega križevega pota – Online Event

We invite you to watch a video of a presentation of a scientific monograph by Dr Julij Savelli entitled 1945: Dnevnik mojega križevega pota (1945: Diary of My Way of the Cross), which took place on 17 April 2024 at the Study Centre for National Reconciliation. The monograph was co-published by the Study Centre for National Reconciliation and Družina.

This is a rich legacy of diary entries and letters by Dr Julij Savelli from 1945, collected and edited by Petra Grabrovec. Dr Julij Savelli was a young representative of the traditional camp in Slovenia during the Second World War, a prominent member of the Slovenian diaspora in Argentina and a long-time choirmaster of Slovenski pevski zbor Gallus (Slovenian Choir Gallus) from Buenos Aires. The diary includes entries on his days as a prisoner, when Dr Savelli was incarcerated in the Gestapo prisons in Miklošičeva Cesta in Ljubljana between January and April 1945, as well as entries about his later refugee journey, when he joined other Slovenians to emigrate abroad in order to escape the communist authorities in May 1945. The entries provide readers with an intimate insight into experiencing the maelstrom of war and its consequences, while also being a valuable source of information on the everyday life of a small group of Slovenian refugees in Austria and Italy in the summer of 1945, which simultaneously highlight aspirations of Slovenians to preserve their own national identity by preserving the Slovenian language and culture outside their homeland.

The book was presented by its editor and author of an accompanying study, Petra Grabrovec, the author of another accompanying study, Dr Tamara Griesser Pečar, and Dr Savelli’s grandson, Marko Gaser; the talk was moderated by Špela Chomicki, a young researcher. As an introduction, the attendees were addressed by the director of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation, Dr Tomaž Ivešić.

We invite you to watch this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17aujRvK_BI

Špela Chomicki, Petra Grabrovec, dr Tamara Griesser Pečar and Marko Gaser

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