International cooperation of the study centre for national reconciliation

We are present in the wider European and global area with our operation. We actively cooperate in the work of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, which connects similar European institutions, creates collections of sources and educational programmes and strives for the open access to archives. We are also a member of the network of archives that manage the materials of the secret political police. We regularly attend international conferences and symposia where we actively participate with scientific and professional articles; we also co-organise some of these events with other international institutions. 

At the Study Centre for National Reconciliation, we strive to remain in contact with Slovenian communities in neighbouring countries and in other parts of the world. Upon their visits to the homeland, we present them our activity. We have recorded numerous testimonies and researched their archives. We regularly present our research at meetings and round tables in Trieste, Gorizia, Klagenfurt and other places in neighbouring countries where Slovenians live. We have also established excellent cooperation with the Slovenian organisations and societies located there.