Mission and goals

Study Centre for National Reconciliation (SCNR) is a Slovene public research institution, active since 2008. Its primary aim is the study of contemporary Slovene history, with the special emphasis on the history of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Our scholarly work stems from the uniquely structured history of Slovenian territory in the 20th century, deeply interconnected with the rise and development of various forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. This has left deep marks on the social fabric lasting to this day. Contemporary history studies can therefore provide unique insights relevant to the Slovene society, deeply marked by beforementioned legacy, as well as to the international humanities in general. Consequently, the research work conducted by our institute is twofold, comprising both aforementioned aspects. In addition to the research, our institute works likewise on collecting and publishing documents, stories, and memories of witnesses from that period, it participates in the educational process, and it connects with Slovenians living in the neighbouring countries as well as all around the world, in addition to connecting with the international institutions with similar interests. We aspire to complement the understanding of the recent history’s events that have left such a strong mark on the territory and to give insight into the topics that have not yet been researched or have been often withheld.