Aims and Scope

The journal Dileme: Review of Slovene Contemporary History addresses, in an interdisciplinary manner, issues related to the contemporary history of Slovenian lands, as well as the wider Balkans and Central Europe. Thus, the journal aims to surpass the narrow confines of nationally limited historiography. Dileme encourages the integration of fundamental issues of Slovenian contemporary history into broader regional and European historiographical concepts; contributions can deal with a wide variety of topics, from political, military and intellectual history to cultural history and the history of everyday life. The journal pays special attention to researching topics related to the history of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in this area.

Articles published in Dileme primarily draw on the methodology of history, but also of cultural studies, political science and law. The aim of Dileme is to promote original scientific reflection on current issues of Slovenian historiography and related humanities and social sciences and to develop new methodological approaches for the study of these issues. The journal, therefore, does not favour any form of methodological approach, but encourages the use of interdisciplinary tools of scientific analysis and the comparative analysis of established concepts with new ones that are still in the phase of being tested for scientific relevance.

Copyright and Open Access Policy

Dileme is an Open Access Journal, all articles can be downloaded free of charge from the journal’s website immediately upon publication. The author transfers all material copyrights regarding a given article to the journal. All moral rights remain with the author of the published article.

All articles can be downloaded free of charge from the journal’s website and used in accordance with the Creative Commons license – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) 

The journal does not charge any fees at submission, reviewing, and production stages.

Copyright Agreement

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