Peer review process

The application process and the selection of the papers for publication in Dileme take place via the journal’s e-mail address ( Authors can also send their manuscripts to the address of the editorial board (Study Centre for National Reconciliation, Tivolska 42, 1000 Ljubljana). All scientific and scholarly contributions are reviewed by the editor-in-chief and then sent to peer review. Each paper is peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers who are established experts in the subject area. The peer review process is double-blind: the reviewer and the author are unknown to each other.

The decision to publish a paper is adopted by the editorial board after the receipt of both reviews. At the end of the process, the author who submitted the paper for peer review is informed of the approval for publication, the necessary corrections before publication, or of the rejection for publication. No particular explanations are required to reject a publication of a contribution. Papers that receive a positive assessment by both reviewers or that are amended by the authors in accordance with the received assessments and editorial comments are accepted for publication.