Presentation of the Book The Rise and Fall of Communist Yugoslavism

On Tuesday, 21 May 2024, the Konzorcij bookshop hosted a presentation of a scientific monograph by Dr Tomaž Ivešić entitled The Rise and Fall of Communist Yugoslavism, which was published this year by Routledge. A talk with the author was led by Dr Aleš Maver.

The book, entitled The Rise and Fall of Communist Yugoslavism: Soft Nation Building in Yugoslavia, studies how after the Second World War, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia integrated the idea of the Yugoslav socialist nation in its ideology and created a Yugoslav project of a soft type of nation building. With an innovative approach of researching three levels (from above, from below and from the perspective of interethnic relations), the book establishes an original concept of soft nation building, focusing on the Slovenian–Yugoslav relation. Based on archival sources from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade, the author ascertains that two concepts of Yugoslavism were created in the mid-1960s after the Yugoslav national idea was abandoned. The party promoted state-based socialist Yugoslavism, which had no ethnic connotation, whereas the second Yugoslavism survived as a national identity in the part of the population that identified as “Yugoslavs” in population censuses. The vacuum that arose was filled by old national identities. The book is of interest to specialists and researchers on cultural and intellectual history, the study of nationalisms, the history of science and institutions and the history of everyday life. It is intended for anyone interested in the history of the Balkans, Southeastern Europe and Yugoslavia.

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