Presentation of the Most Recent Issue of the DILEME Journal: volume 7/2023, no. 1

On Monday, 3 July 2023, a presentation of the most recent issue of the journal DILEME, Razprave o vprašanjih sodobne slovenske zgodovine (DILEME: Review of Slovene Contemporary History), volume 7/2022, no. 1, took place at the premises of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation.

The Dileme journal, which discusses questions of Slovene contemporary history, has been published by the Study Centre for National Reconciliation since 2017. Articles are authored by a wide range of researchers, from established authorities to writers who are only entering the research circles. At the same time, the journal expertly presents testimonies, archival sources and reviews of publications and books in the field. The publication was presented by: Tomaž Ivešić, PhD, responsible editor, Renato Podbersič, PhD, editor-in-chief, and Matic Batič, PhD, technical editor.

We invite you to watch a video presentation at: 

The Dileme journal can be purchased at the Study Centre for National Reconciliation.

Subscription form for Dileme: NAROČNIŠKI OBRAZEC DILEME.docx

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