Research activity

The research activity of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation is mainly directed at the research of the violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms and the various forms of violence that were committed by three totalitarian systems (fascism, Nazism and communism) in the Slovenian territory in the 20th century. The first project of the researchers at the Study Centre for National Reconciliation was Revolutionary Violence in Slovenia 1941–1954; the project is still in progress. Through the projects, the researchers attempt to comprehensively present the various forms of revolutionary violence committed by the communist side in Slovenia during the Second World War, namely across the individual regions (the Štajerska region, the Dolenjska region, the Notranjska region, the Gorenjska region and the Primorska region). The extended research of communist violence continued with the research programme The Violence of Communist Totalitarianism in Slovenia 1941–1990, which was carried out by the Study Centre for National Reconciliation between 2009 and 2016. The research programme was co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency. The research focused on the numerous violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Slovenia during and after the Second World War up until 1990. The implementation of the programme has shown that in order to understand the communist system, the characteristics of all totalitarian systems and occurrences in the territories inhabited by Slovenians in the 20th century, including those in neighbouring countries, must be examined. Consequently, we expanded the programme in 2017 and reshaped it into the Historical and Legal Aspects of the Violations of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Slovenian Territory in the 20th Century. The main goal of the expansion was to establish whether the nature and scope of the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms are similar and comparable in all three totalitarian systems. With this, the researchers attempt to give insight into the totalitarian systems’ ascent to power, the causes for it and the correlations between them. The Slovenian Research Agency co-financed this research programme as well.