Testimony of Janko Maček – Online Event

“The village was as silent as the grave; the bells made no sound because there was neither the priest nor the sexton; the inn was closed because the innkeeper and his family had left, and even though it was Monday, there was nobody in the shop either.”

On the last day of August this year (31 Aug. 2023), Janko Maček passed away; he was a researcher, writer and avid collector of witness stories, publishing his writings regularly in the Zaveza magazine and a number of own monographs. He regularly visited events held by the Study Centre for National Reconciliation (we saw him last at the holy mass in the cathedral on 23 Aug. 2023), and his writings are a rich and indispensable source for researching recent Slovenian history; we SCNR employees included them in research on wartime and post-war revolutionary violence. We are grateful for all the work he did, which provides a highly necessary insight into the painful reality of the Slovenian past, as well as seeks the truth and thus lays the foundations for the reconciliation process and a life of peace and co-existence.

Through the eyes of a teenager, Maček’s personal life story gives readers a glimpse of the soul of a pubescent boy who experienced the communist regime’s methods firsthand. You can read it on the following link: Testimony - Janko Maček.pdf

The testimony has been published in a monograph entitled "Leto 1945 – 70 let potem" (1945 – 70 Years Later), which was published in 2016 by the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia in collaboration with the Study Centre for National Reconciliation.

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