Testimony of Rudi Kolarič – Online Event

“I think about Slovenia and Slovenehood every day.”

Rudi Kolarič was born in a prosperous trader family in Brezovica near Ljubljana. The start of the Second World War, with the occupation, seriously impinged on their exemplary and peaceful lives. They had no liking for the occupying forces and were enthusiastic about the Liberation Front (OF), which promised freedom. However, after Partisan violence in their village, they realised communism lay behind OF and committed even worse atrocities than the occupying forces. A Village Guard kept them safe. In 1945, after the war, Rudi fled as a refugee and started a new life in the US.

The testimony of Rudi Kolarič was recorded in 2011 in Cleveland and can be heard at: https://zakladnicaspominov-scnr.si/rudi-kolaric/?lang=en

We invite you to listen!

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