Testimony of Srečko Gaser – Online Event

“I have to say we got through all right, more or less. It could’ve been worse, but thank God it turned out like this.”

Srečko Gaser was born in Jesenice, but his family often moved because of his father’s job. As a staunch anti-communist, his father joined the Home Guard in Kranj. After the end of the war, the family retreated to Carinthia, where they lived in several camps. Srečko trained to become a welder. They moved to Argentina, but Srečko had a girlfriend in the North America so he moved there, and they got married. They started a family, performed their jobs and were grateful to America for accepting them and enabling them a life of peace and freedom.

The testimony of Srečko Gaser was recorded in 2011 in Cleveland and can be heard at: https://zakladnicaspominov-scnr.si/srecko-gaser/?lang=en

We invite you to listen!

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