The 1st video event in 2022: Video Testimony of Helena Gaser (born Arnež) and Pavla Hauptman (born Arnež)

In this year's first testimony, we present the story of the Arnež family from Jesenice through the memories of the twins Helena and Pavla. Sisters Helena and Pavla Arnež were born in 1931 in Jesenice. During World War II, they suffered the consequences of the German occupation and, particularly, the revolutionary violence. Their father was killed by a Jesenice local and their brother fell as a soldier in the German army. Their home and bakery were plundered and occupied by the partisans. After the War, their mother was imprisoned in the Begunje prison. Helena and Pavla’s refugee journey took them to North America via a camp in Austrian Carinthia. In the United States, they joined the Slovenian community and started their families. They remained loyal to the Slovenian nation, the culture and values in which they were raised.

Listen to Helena`s and Pavla`s memories using the following link:

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