The 3rd video event: The testemony of Anton Golež and Marija Milač Golež

Anton Golež was born in 1927 in Ljubljana. When he was a secondary-school student, he joined a Home Guard unit, graduated during the War, fled to Viktring in Carinthia, was returned and imprisoned in concentration camps, first in Kranj and later in Šentvid pri Ljubljani. As he was a minor, he was granted amnesty in August 1945. Later, he got employed, but the authorities did not validate his graduation for another two years. After the War, he met Marja Milač in Ljubljana. They married and had a family.

Marija Milač was born in 1929 in Prevalje and spent her childhood there. Then the family moved to Dravograd, where the father was the head of the municipal administration. Marija fled to Ljubljana as a 12-year-old girl during the German invasion of Yugoslavia. Maria’s brothers, who were secondary-school students at the time, were already staying in Ljubljana. Fearing the German occupation, other family members joined them as well. After the War, Marija fled to Carinthia. She stayed in the Viktring camp, together with her brother Metod. Her brother Ciril was repatriated and murdered by the Communist authorities. After the War, Marija returned to Slovenia and graduated from the Academy of Music. 

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