The 9th Video Event, Presentation of the book: »THE GOOD OLD TIMES«

Presentation of the book: »THE GOOD  OLD TIMES« Everyday life in Ljubljana and its surroundings during socialism by Jelka Piškurić

The book presents everyday life during socialism by example of Ljubljana and its rural surroundings. The area was chosen because of its heterogeneous experience and organisation of everyday life. The social and economic structure of the city and the countryside kept changing throughout the entire period of socialism, in particular as of the 1960s, following the development and impacts of industrialisation, urbanisation, modernisation, and the increasing living standard. These as well as certain other social processes inevitably influenced the quality and organisation of life in socialism. The book presents the historical development of Ljubljana and its rural surroundings as well as depicts the daily life in three chosen fields: work and employment, living standard and consumption, and solving the housing and infrastructure challenges. The analysis focuses not only on the life circumstances but also on the motivation, strategies, and practices adopted by people to manage their everyday life and improve their living conditions. Oral sources were of crucial importance for understanding and analysing people’s strategies and practices.


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