Video Events

The situation we have been facing for the last few months makes it impossible for us to meet our audience at events, round tables, conferences and other forms of socializing.

In order not to lose touch with our loyal audience, we decided to continue organizing events, but in a slightly different form.

We present short presentations, conversations, reflections, testimonies and inform the audience about current events in video form, which the audience receives by e-mail and are available on our website and Twitter page.

In May and June 2020, we prepared testimonies recorded by co-workers of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation. Testimonies speak of interwar and post-war communist violence. The testimonies was prepared for publication by Marta Keršič and Mirjam Dujo Jurjevčič, SCNR:

The testemony of Paulina F. Dolinar in Mira Kosem:

The testemony of Jožefa Katarina Debeljak Žakelj:

The testemony of Avguštin Sadar:

Jožefa Katarina Debeljak Žakelj

On 16 June, Neža Strajnar,  a co-worker of the Study Centre for National Reconciliation, presented a collection entitled Victims of Communist Violence. In 2018, SCNR began publishing short biographies of Slovenian victims of totalitarianisms, which we present on our Website and Twitter page. Presentation of collection entitled Victims of Communist Violence:

The collection of information about victims:

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