13th video event: Presentation of the Book Dedek and Mihec by Helena Alenka Bizjak

Dear Visitor.

This time around, we invite you to attend the presentation of the book Dedek and Mihec by the author Helena Alenka Bizjak. The subtitle of the book is From Trieste to Maribor — the Flight of a Family from Primorska Before the Dragon of Fascism and tells of the time after the end of the World War I, when a large number of nationally conscious Slovenian families had to flee from Italy to Yugoslavia. In the book, the author presents a part of her family story through a narrative, or rather, she presents historical events by means of a conversation between grandfather and grandchild. Although the topic of the book is demanding and painful, Helena Bizjak conveys it in such a way that the reading makes us realize that even in times of war, trials and hostilities, it is possible to preserve our humanity and compassion.

In the introduction to the book, Father Franc Kejžar writes that Helena Bizjak

has her pen “adjusted so that it leans in a good direction. There, where we say: This is good stuff. She turns all the truth into good, in a fairy-tale-like manner.”

The book was published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia and is intended for all those who are fond of learning about people's memories and cultivate love for the Slovenian nation.

 You are invited to read the book and watch the presentation using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d38YDVmA7YY 

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